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Tom is a Salumist with over 20 years of experience, creatively inventing world renowned sausages.  He has been called the “Top Meat Geek” in the food industry. Specializing in meat preparation, sausage making, smoking meats and developing timeless recipes.

His passion for great food and extensive knowledge has developed into a full-time job of bringing other #MeatGeeks together to discuss great tasting food.


Are you crazy about meat?  Maybe you’re a novice when it comes to firing up the grill or preparing a homemade sausage; it’s okay – we’ve got you covered.

Meat Geeks love discussing meat related tips, tricks, hacks, recipes and news. From improving your everyday cooking and grilling pastime, to professional sausage-makers and Salumist who can share their experience and secret tricks-of-the-trade. All this to ensure you’re next cooking, grilling, or smoking experience gets better each and every time.

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