Awesome Homemade Pizza Oven Alternatives

Pizza is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, homemade pizza in your oven isn’t a game-changer.

best pizza at home

Affordable Conversion Kits, Ovens, and a DIY Outdoor Oven for the Best Homemade Pizza

Baking a homemade pizza with your home oven will always disappoint.  Even when using a combination of broil and bake, your oven lacks the needed heat.  The dough requires a quick cook at high temperatures in order to produce all the qualities we expect in a great crust. A cooking temperature of 500°F doesn’t quite cut it.

When taking the time, effort, and spending money to make a pizza from scratch, it should taste better than if you picked up the phone and dialed Pizza Hut.

The Problem with Your Oven

Your oven at home lacks the heat needed to get the dough to bubble up just right. This process is known as the oven-spring. During the oven-spring, air and vapor fill the dough quickly to get it to expand; as a result, the dough becomes fluffy and full of holes and creators.

High levels of quick heat are responsible for a good crust: a perfect mix of crispy, slightly seared bottom, and a soft, chewy fluffy goodness…mmmm.

4 Best ways to make pizza at home

You may never order a pizza again, once you've tried any of these options below. Okay, well, maybe that’s not true, but you’ll be able to yield better pizza than any chain pizza place.

Here are the best devices, ovens, and a DIY option which are ideal alternatives to overpriced outdoor ovens.

1.Best Baking Steel Cooking Sheet

The great benefit of Baking Steel is you can avoid spending the money and dedicating space to an outdoor oven; while still producing a great tasting pizza with your existing oven. Baking Steel is the latest and greatest, it is the next progression from stone cooking surfaces. Baking Steel produces fluffier and all around better pizza than you would get from a stone cooked pizza. The Baking Steel has been revolutionary to the progression of homemade pizza.

steel baking pizza oven

Baking Steel

by Orginal Baking Steel

Baking Steel was developed as a Kickstarter project. Due to the latest trend of making homemade pizza the project was a success. Now you can find the Baking Steel available for purchase with shipping from Amazon.

2. Best Pizza Kits for Grills

This is the next best thing to a dedicated pizza oven. One of the biggest knocks on a pizza oven is the space that it takes up when you’re not using it (that and the cost, some dedicated pizza ovens can run upwards of $5K). Whether you have a traditional charcoal grill (Webber Kettle models) or a gas grill, here are two of the most popular conversion kits that produce great tasting crusts, and in turn, a great tasting pie.

Pizza OVen Box Gas Grill

Pizza Oven Box Gas Grill Conversion

By Baker Stone

The Pizza Oven Box is a universal gas grill conversion kit that will fit most any gas grill. Boasting 700 degrees in less than 3 min.

pizza oven conversion for weber

KettlePizza Weber Grill Conversion

by Kettle Pizza

Transform your Weber charcoal grill into an efficient pizza oven. This conversion kit is also available without the pizza stone if you purchase the Basic Kit. Additionally, it made our list for Things Any Griller Should Own.

3. Best Uuni Mini Outdoor Pizza oven

 The Unni wood-fired oven does a great job without taking the next step into a full sized pizza oven. This small lightweight oven can reach about 900 degrees in less than 10 min. While the cooking area is small, it can turn over a well-cooked pizza in less than 3 minutes.

mini outdoor pizza oven

Uuni Outdoor Pizza Oven

by Unui

A transportable outdoor pizza oven that can produce results of a true outdoor pizza oven.

4. DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven

Looking to come up on a real outdoor brick oven without dropping 2,000 greenbacks? This may be easiest DIY outdoor oven that has all the makings of a true brick oven; and you can make it for under $200.

homemade pizza make your own oven

Create your own outdoor oven - Under $200

Step-by-step walk-through to create an easy, inexpensive outdoor wood burning pizza oven.

How To Make Homemade Pizza on a Grill

Nothing fancy here, but it works. There's a level of finesse required but that's the fun part, right?

Grilling a Pizza Without Fancy Accessories

The challenge in using a grill without a conversion kit is the temperature; unless you have evenly disbursed heat, sections of the crust will burn and/or the toppings won't be cooked. There are many factors that affect cook time: heat, thickness of dough, amount of toppings and the duration of time the lid is off the grill while the dough is cooking. I feel like every time I'm using a Weber or gas grill to cook a pie, I'm at a friends house where we are grilling multiple personal sized pizzas; the biggest challenge is quickly adding the pizzas and quickly removing them. There's a fine line between doughy, crispy and burnt crust. 

Using Your Standard Grill

A hot preheated grill is key; about 550°F. Cook the pizza dough on one side for three minutes without toppings. Then pull it off, add the toppings to the side with the grill marks and toss it back in the grill. Be sure to close the lid and cook for another 3 minutes. Other small details I find helpful: brushing the dough with olive oil, going light on the sauce, and owning a pizza peel.

Weber has a pretty good video on this process (see below). In the end, you'll discover your preferred method to get the perfiect combination of crispy crust and cooked, juicy toppings. 

With these homemade pizza making ovens you'll be well on your way to great tasking pizza, at home!