5 Best WiFi Meat Thermometers – 2020 Review & Buyers Guide


WI-FI Wireless Thermometers Are Ideal For Smoking & Grilling

wi-fi for smoking

Today, just about everything now comes WiFi-enabled. “Siri, locate my toothbrush for me.” So it’s only natural that you can get WiFi thermometers for grilling and smoking.

WiFi Thermometers feature regular meat thermometer probes but are tricked out with a few more tech-laden features. Using one eliminates the most tedious and time-consuming part of smoking food: constantly checking the grill to maintain the ideal 225°F temperature range for low-and-slow cooking.

What was once a tedious and annoying process becomes smooth and easy with a WiFi Meat Thermometer, which is why we think everyone should have them.

Below we'll breakdown everything you need to know about these smart wireless devices and reveal our Top 5 Picks for 2020. We also have a full guide on each type of thermometer and our winners from each category. If you're looking for a reliable smart reader under $60, jump over and check out our favorite Bluetooth thermometer. And lastly, in case you want a simple thermometer for quick use in the kitchen or the grill, check out our winning instant read thermometer by ThermoWorks.



Benefits of a Smart Temp Reader

It’s not that you don’t like checking the grill and enjoying the aroma of smoked meat. But when smoking a brisket or pork butt takes all day – 10, 12, 16 hours – it’s nice to be able to step away from the grill for extended periods of time and not have to hover over it like a helicopter parent.

Achieving a perfectly smoked and tender piece of barbecue is nearly impossible without keeping a close eye on the smoker’s ambient temperature. Too hot, and you’ll leave the meat overcooked, dry and chewy. Too low and you run the risk of remaining in the "danger zone" for extended periods of time. With a WiFi thermometer, you can set temperature alerts letting you know your meat is getting close, or when the pit temperature gets a little too warm or cool. With some models, you can even control pit temperature remotely with the use of a blower fan. 

While Bluetooth confines you to within 100-200 feet of the grill, Wi-Fi gives you essentially infinite range. Your smartphone gives you complete control over low and slow temperatures, whether you’re watching the big game inside or running errands downtown. 

So if you’re looking for the best in freedom and flexibility when barbecuing and grilling meats, you’re looking for a WiFI Smart Thermometer. We’ve reviewed all the mainstream devices on the market to bring you only the Top 5. Below is a quick look at the five we've chosen and you can keep reading for our detailed review and rankings on each of them.



# of Probes

Pit Control?





2 (3 possible)


1 (3 possible)


4 (8 possible)




signals wifi wireless grill themometer

NEW FOR 2020: The ThermoWorks Signals is our new Top Pick for a top-of-the-line WiFi Thermometer. 

It's taken the BBQ scene by storm, establishing itself as the best and easiest mainstream device for beginners and pros alike. We've updated our review, giving the Signals the #1 spot and awarding a full 5 Stars. 

It’s the toughest and most durable we’ve experience with, and definitely the easiest to use . It works with Bluetooth for twice the connectivity, and we love the straightforward design and the ridiculously simple app.

With 4 probe channels, the Signals come with 3 Pro-Series meat probes and 1 Pro-Series ambient probe. These are thermistors, but they can spread temperatures accurately anywhere from -58°F to 572°F – not quite thermocouple range, but more than enough for 95% of smoking. And they’re accurate to within 1.8°F – as good or better than any other thermistor.

ThermoWorks App: Easiest Smart Thermometer App On The List

The Signals has the easiest setup of all. To connect to your phone, download the ThermoWorks app and pair via Bluetooth in less than 30 seconds. Then, enter your WiFi network and password, and you’re ready to go - all in less than a minute.

select type of thermometer

Setup is straightforward

featuring all temps

Main Dashboard Screen

temperature graph chart

Graph Temperature Timeline

The ThermoWorks app is super straightforward. Current temp readings are displayed big in the center; you can easily set Min and Max temperature alerts, customize probe names; and even choose refresh rates from 10 seconds up to 60 seconds. There’s also the obligatory temperature graphs for charting your cooks and exporting them to the cloud, where you can save up to 10 recent sessions.

To switch between WiFi and Bluetooth, just toggle your phone’s Bluetooth or WiFi on/off and the Signals switches between them without a hitch. Bluetooth range is about 95 feet, and is great for smoking/grilling when WiFi isn’t in range.

Quality + Durability: Toughest Thermometer Out There

When we say this thing is tough, we mean it; the Signals feels like a sturdy rock in your hand. It stands up straight on a flat surface and has a nice grip on the bottom. It’s also rated to IP66, so it’s splashproof and totally dustproof. Trust us when we say that this thing is built to last.

Large LCD Screen + Intuitive Design

screen schematics

The Signals’ display is awesome. It’s very large and makes reading temps at a glance possible. It’s split up into 4 equal sections, one for each probe channel, and everything (mix/max temps, alarms, current temp, battery life and connectivity, volume) is always visible. All the important buttons are located right on the front of the device, and you can adjust volume and even mute alarms.


The Signals has a rechargeable battery and claims 16 hours of battery life. Testing proved the claim to be more or less accurate. To charge the battery, you plug in the included USB-C cable with a regular USB plug on the other end; This is the only WiFI Thermometer we know that uses USB-C, which is supposed to be much faster and more powerful. But for some reason, charging takes 12 hours.


We wish we could mute all sounds from the device, not just audible alarms. It would also be great to have note-taking in the cooking graphs.

Lastly, why does it take 12 hours to charge a battery, even with blazing fast USB-C?


Minor complaints aside, the ThermoWorks Signals is downright awesome. It’s IP66-rated and built like a tank, comes with 4 accurate probes, has a large, easy-glance LCD display, and the simplest, most-intuitive app we’ve used. An all-around no brainer, we expect it to be our go-to smart tool for a long time.


  • Can’t mute buttons
  • No note-taking in app
  • Charging takes too long


  • Tough, Durable Build. IP66 Rated, Splashproof.
  • Accurate Pro-Series Probes
  • 4 Probe Channels
  • Large LCD Display
  • Ituitive App + Custom Refresh Rates
full fireboard review

The Fireboard is a relative newcomer to the Wi-Fi Thermometer scene, compared to some of its competitors. But t packs an impressive punch for its price. It’s convenient and easy to use, with all the latest smart features expected from a smart thermometer. It’s also surprisingly small - only about the size of a pack of cigarettes and tipping the scale at about 4.5 ounces.


Lots of probes

If you like to cook lots of meat at once, the Fireboard may be your best option; it supports up to 6 probes simultaneously, allowing you to monitor both meat temperature and ambient pit temperature.


The default included probes are 100K Thermistor probes, which are known for speed and accuracy; they react faster to temperature changes than RTD probes, for example. They’re also smaller and even slightly more durable, adding to the Fireboard’s reputation for reliability. 

Fireboard rates their accuracy to within ±0.7°F, close enough to ensure perfection every time. Temperature range is 0F to 572F - competitive with, if not better than, most thermometers on this list. 


The Extreme BBQ ($249) package includes 2 ambient probes, 6 food probes and 2 grill clips, while the less expensive kit comes with 1 ambient probe, 2 food probes and a grill clip. Each probe is attached by a 6’ long cable that gives ample room for reaching out of the grill comfortably.


The Fireboard is compatible with different probe types, including Resistant Temperature Detectors (RTD) and 10k probes, in addition to the 100k thermistors. Most other thermometers out there don’t have this ability. Being able to switch between all these probes lets you accurately monitor temperatures in varied ranges. RTD’s cover a larger range, while thermistors are more precise. 

Depending on what meat you’re cooking and what temperature you’re cooking at, it’s nice to have these various options - and it can be useful to switch out your probes until you’ve found ones you like.


Like most smart thermometers, the Fireboard comes with two methods for keeping an eye on the food - the built-in LCD Display showing live probe temperature recordings, remaining battery life, and connectivity status right on the display itself; or via the app on your phone or tablet, connected via WiFi. The system hooks up with your WiFi network, and you can then control it using either your laptop via your browser, or on your smartphone/tablet with the FireBoard app.

The Fireboard also includes Bluetooth and is one of the only WiFi thermometers to do so. Bluetooth lets you connect your phone directly to the device without the Cloud serving as a middle man and gives you a range of up to 100 feet. This is useful for when WiFi is unavailable – at the park or the beach, for example.

Fireboard chart

Cooking temperature readings from the Fireboard app.

All the usual smart features can also be found; temperature threshold alerts - individualized for each probe – let you know when the meat or smoker has reached minimum or maximum temperature. Every five seconds, data from each probe is updated and compiled into a graph, creating a visual representation of the cook. You can rename both the probes and the graphs to your liking in the app before exporting to .csv files.

There’s quite a bit of capability and customization available in the app; name probes, hide those names when not needed, hide an entire probe, and customize alert alarms. Set alerts to go off at certain times or when temperatures last longer than you’d like. Alerts are sent via the cloud but also via SMS text message when WiFi isn’t available.

app for fireboard download

fireboard smart app for alexa 

Ask Alexa for the temperature of your beef brisket, filet mignon, or any other food you may be cooking up on the grill or in the kitchen.

Actual functions of the Fireboard include temperature threshold alerts, individualized for each probe, letting you know when either your meat or smoker has reached the minimum or maximum temperature. There is also a graph function; every five seconds, data from each probe is updated and compiled into a graph, letting you see peaks, dips and averages over time. You can even rename both the probes and the graphs to your liking within the app, and export the graphs and logs into .csv files. Actually, there is quite a bit of capability in the app; you can show the minimum and max temperature for each probe, hide a probe, and customize alert alarms. Set them to go off after a certain time or when temperatures last longer than you’d like.


Unlike the ThermaQ, the Fireboard is can control the smoker’s pit temperature with the addition of a blower fan and the purchase of Fireboard’s Drive Fan cable.

The Drive Fan Cable works with virtually all 12v fans and comes with 2.5mm barrel plug. You can control it from the app, and it’s also PID-enabled - letting you set custom settings to control the fan automatically. The software can learn the smoker’s settings and automatically adjust itself, ramping the fan anywhere from 0-100% of its power to get the most precise temperature possible. The cable even has a built-in speaker for audible alerts.


Downsides? The FireBoard FBX11 is not weatherproof or waterproof, meaning it’s a poor choice for leaving it outside while smoking meat in the rain.

Note: they do provide a nice casing for the device that will stand up to rain and accidental drops.  The probes themselves are water-resistant.


All in all, the Fireboard is a high-quality and modern smart thermometer. It’s the newest and sleekest of the bunch and comes with an equally-attractive price tag. We really like the ability to work with different temperature probes, as well as the Bluetooth compatibility or when WiFi isn’t in range; both add some versatility and capability not found in  most WiFi thermometers. Pair with an additional fan and Drive Fan controller cable, and you’ll have an all-in-one smoking machine that you can access and control from virtually anywhere.


  • Not weather/waterproof (protective case is available) 


  • Affordable

  • Versatile – up to 6 temperature probes at once

  • High-quality, durable 100k Thermistor probes (accurate from 0°F to 572°F)​

  • Ability to take 100k, 10k thermistors, and RTD's

  • ​Tons of smart features and controls

  • Small and durable

  • Option to control pit temperature via drive fan, app (purchased separately)
review for flameboss 300

Flame Boss is trusted name in the smoking world, and for good reason: the Flame Boss 300, their flagship model, is a top-of-the-line, durable smoking thermometer that comes both with a fan to help control the internal temperature of the grill without.

how's the build QUALITY? 

The Flame Boss 300 attaches to most smoker styles, including Drum, Barrel, Cabinet and Offsets. We can verify that it works with the Weber Smokey Mountain, Char-Griller offset and barrel smokers, just to name a few.

Attaching to the grill is easy but requires a bit of DIY elbow grease. You’ll need to grab a ¾” pipe fitting at your local hardware store, and then drill some holes in the grill to bolt it on.If you can handle that, you’ll have a solidly attached thermometer ready for grilling.

Durability? The metal body is solid and withstand some extreme hot and cold temperatures.

What About the Probes?

Once that’s done, you’re ready to start grilling and smoking. The thermometer comes with 2 probes – one to check on the temperature of the meat, the other smoker’s actual temperature. You can purchase and connect to 4 at once. They’re made of industrial-duty platinum rated for temperatures up to 575°F.

Accuracy and Pit Temperature Control

When you opt to use a fan blower with the Flame Boss, you’re using a capable and intelligent machine; The built-in PID controller learns your smoker’s settings for better control and accuracy. For example, it can sense when the lid is opened via sudden drops in temperature and will control the fan to maintain a smooth temperature by ramping up the blowing speed - or slowing it down as needed.

Smart Capabilities and Alexa Integration

Pit and meat temps, current blower speed and target temperatures can all be monitored quickly and intuitively from the LCD monitor on the Flame Boss’ front. But the real reason you’re buying it, of course, is for the smart features and integration: with the WiFi and cloud connectivity, you can monitor and access the device through both the app on your phone, or via your web browser.

Alerts can be configured to send you text messages when food is done, and through the blower, it can be programmed to turn down the heat once your food is done. And recording your cooks in graphs lets you track results and pore over them in detail. There are timers and alarms, as well as the ability to turn down the heat in order to keep cooked food warm. Auto-save returns the pit to its proper settings should the power unexpectedly go out.

The Flame Boss even connects to your Amazon Echo, so you can ask Alexa how your barbecue is doing.The whole thing is also dead simple to use; simply set it and forget it.

A Few Things We Don't Like

There are a few drawbacks to the Flame’s Boss’s sturdy design. If you don’t like drilling and DIY setup, you’re out of luck, as that’s the only way to attach it to your grill. And it doesn’t run off batteries, meaning a power outlet or at least an extension cord must be located nearby.


Some also find setting up the app and WiFi confusing and a bit clunky. Still, we think that the bombproof construction and WiFi reliability make up for these shortcomings.


  • Needs power outlet close by. Does not run off battery.

  • ​Holes must be drilled to attach to grill

  • ​Setup of app/Wifi is difficult, clunky


  • Tough, sturdy, metal build

  • ​Controls fan for remote temperature control

  • Works with up to 4 probes at once

  • Attaches solidly to grill
  • PID controller for accuracy and even cooking

  • Smart Features; alerts, notifications, auto-save

cyberq wifi review

BBQ Guru’s CyberQ Cloud thermometer hasn’t been around as long some of its more-established counterparts but has already proven itself as a worthy competitor.

BBQ Guru is a respected brand in the barbecue community, thanks to a solid lineup of temperature control systems like the DigiQ and PartyQ.The CyberQ is the biggest and baddest device in their line, and the first to integrate cloud storage and social media sharing.

About the Built-In Temperature Controller 

The CyberQ Cloud is compatible with BBQ Guru’s fan blowers, which are dubbed the Pit Viper (the smaller version) and Pit Bull (for large smokers). By hooking the two up on the outside of your grill, you can easily monitor the pit temperature while also having complete control over it from anywhere; dial the temperature up and down whenever the situation calls, or set it and forget it, letting the automatic temperature control do the work.

The Pit Viper and Pit Bull also include an easy-to-adjust damper system for easy and intuitive control of airflow in and out. This is particularly handy if you have multiple smokers, as it lets you adjust the fan to fit each smoker’s own size. It attaches to the side of the grill via an included grill adapter.

You can purchase the Pit Viper fan separately or as part of a kit with the CyberQ Cloud.

diggiQ temp control

Digi-Q kit for the green egg 

he DigiQ DX2 temperature control system is designed to hold the desired temperature in your Big Green Egg for hours on end – and is so advanced it will even gradually lower the cooking temperature so foods won’t overcook. It is better than a personal valet because it never takes a day off!

Easy Monitoring and Smart Alerts 

One cool feature that BBQ Guru carried over from their other devices is Ramp Mode. In Ramp Mode, the CyberQ senses when food is close to being finished, and then gradually ramps down the heat to ensure it doesn’t overcook. The result is juicier, more-tender finished products. Another great integrated feature is Open Lid Detection, which detects sharp drops in temperature from opening the grill and and automatically smoothens out the heat.

Social Media Sharing

As expected from WiFi thermometers these days, the CyberQ lets you easily record and track your smoking sessions in graphs and logs. One thing is does different, however, is let you exportthem to email or share them on social media.

This is one of the CyberQ Cloud’s main selling points. Other thermometers can do a lot of what it does, but few of them can share directly to social media.

BBQ Guru also runs ShareMyCook.com, a website where you can monitor and record your sessions cooks from your computer or tablet. ShareMyCook.com also serves as a hub for the BBQGuru smoking meat community, where users create and share recipes, upload pictures from their smokes to comment on and receive feedback.

A Few Things We Don't Like

For one, it isn’t waterproof, which is unfortunate - seeing as how it’s meant to be used outside. You’ll need to be careful if it starts raining during an all-day smoke, though you should be fine for everyday moisture and splashes.

Setting up and connecting to WiFi can be difficult, as the interface is complex and a bit buggy; it’s just not intuitive. Also, the fan does not blow at different speeds, instead using a start-stop intermittent function to control the flame, and some users have reported that it has the occasional tendency to overshoot the target.


But the good does outweigh the bad with the CyberQ. If you’re looking for a solid thermometer with cloud sharing, easy access to social media, intelligent features like Open Lid Detection and Ramp Mode, and easy integration with a pit fan, the CyberQ is a good choice.


  • Difficult, clucky WiFi setup

  • Not waterproof

  • Software is a little buggy


  • Integrates with CyberQ’s Viper Fan and Pit Bull Fan for easy, intuitive temperature control

  • Tons of Smart Features; Open Lid Detection, Ramp Mode, Text Alerts, Alexa Integration

  • Cloud and Social Media Sharing, ShareMyCook.Com For Connecting With Other Barbecue Enthusiasts
tappecue smoker reader

The Tappecue the original WiFi thermometer; it was monitoring meats and tracking temperatures long before many of these other models came out. Tappecue recently released a new version, Tappecue Touch, which redesigns the thermometer device to include a full-color touchscreen for easier setup and integration as well as at-a-glance temperature readings.


By hooking the Tappecue up to your home Wi-Fi network, you can sync it – via the Tappecue app – to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can then monitor both the meat’s and the grill’s internal temperature from virtually anywhere that internet access is available to you with the app.

Alerts let you know when your meat is done or when the smoker is too hot or cold. And if you don’t have Wifi? Offline Mode gives you access up to 180 feet away with the internal antenna.

Another cool thing the Tappecue developers did was release a public API for the Touch; if you know how to code, you can create your own custom clients and functions for the device, such as integrating it with your smart home automation or controlling pit temperature with it.


The new Tappecue Touch version comes with a color touchscreen, which allows you to setup and configure the device using the included stylus. It also makes glancing at temperatures while cooking easy, as they are displayed in large, legible font. On the original Tappecue, there was just a small, plain text display that wasn’t very visible.

old vs new tappecue

Evolution of the Tappecue. Featuring the old model on the left and the new one on the right.

The touchscreen isn’t the most responsive but is still a huge improvement over the old model and a reason to consider the new one. As far a we can tell, however, there is no way to turn off the screen while the device is on – which probably puts a dent in battery life.

Battery Life and Charging

The Tappecue touch has a 2400Mah battery that is recharged via an AC wall charger. From our experience you can get a good 12-14 hours out of it anytime, but Tappecue says that the latest edition of the firmware will help boost that to 25 hours.

Build Quality and Weatherproofing

 The Tappecue features a weatherproof body, designed for whatever the elements or the grill can throw at it. The outside is a thick polycarbonate that can handle tumbles, tosses and even smacks on the ground, and the jacks are protected by a layer of foam. Completely sealed, it’s resistant to dust, water and grease. Two sturdy feet on the bottom keep it standing upright.

Temperature Probes

All the probes are thermistors – which means they aren’t as fast or precise as thermocouples, but still perform well for general smoking use; they can handle temperatures up to 572 F and are accurate to within 1 or 2 degrees of true temperature. The cables are all 6-feet long, allowing you to maneuver them as needed; but like any long cable they can entangle easily.

The Tappecue comes with 4 cooking probes. As of April 2019 the device can now accommodate 8 probes simultaneously; this is made possible through the use of the newly released splitters. The splitters will allow you to plug in two probes into each of the 4 ports.

The Tappecue's ability to report data from 8 points at once make it unique when compared to the other WiFi temp readers on our list. Even if you're not running a commercial kitchen you can make use of all these probes by monitoring pit temperatures from multiple locations, monitor multiple pits, all the while obtaining data from the internal temperature of multiple roasts.

While running 8 probes at once is a welcomed improvement to Tappecue's arsenal we found the reading to be inconsistent and glitchy when incorporating the splitters. The probes required to be plugged in before powering on the device – anytime we tried to plug in the splitter and probes after the Touch was on it would display crazy temp readings – we found this to the case as well when switching the probes around hot while using the splitter. We are unsure if this is an issue related to the splitters, firmware, or a combination of both. 

Dual Sensor and Extra Care Mini

Also new in the Tappecue world for 2019 are Dual Sensor and Extra Care Mini probes.

Dual sensor probes are designed to read not only the temperature of the meat, but also the ambient temperature of the pit. As a result you can yield two data readings from a single probe. This is a big win when trying to minimize the chaos of cooking with multiple probes. 

tappaque dual sensor probe
upclose shot at probe
top of probe

(Note: the Dual Sensor probes are not compatible with the splitters).

The Extra Care probes are uniquely designed for "trouble meats" such as ribs, steak, and fish. These types of meats can prove challenging when trying to properly and quickly insert full-sized probes into them; resulting in unreliable temperature readings.

Additionally, since the Extra Care probes are smaller than traditional probes they fit nicer into tight spots. 

The Cooking Logs

By syncing up to the Tappecue app on your smartphone, you can track and log your cooking sessions in visual graphs. You can export these cooking logs in the form of a CSV or Excel file to share them with friends or post on social media – as well as just learn a thing or two about how to improve your cooking the next time around.

tracking smoking meat

Tappacue digital tracking

A Few Things We Don't Like

Our largest complaint with the TappecueTouch is the touchscreen’s lack of responsiveness and sensitivity; it’s clunky and difficult to use, even with the included stylus. When typing in your address during setup, for example, hitting the right letters can be difficult – more difficult than it should be.


  • Bulky Design

  • Slow, unresponsive touchscreen

  • Clunky Setup

  • Splitters are glitchy


  • Connects to PC, Tablet or Smartphone via WiFi

  •  Smart features and temperature alerts sent to phone

  • Weatherproof, durable body

  • Four Thermistor probes included
  • Capable of handling 8 probes simultaneously 

  • Probes are well designed and come in a wide range of ​design styles

  • Touchscreen display with live temperature readings


What to look for in a wi-fi meat thermometer

What Kind of App/Smart Features Does It Have?

As smart features and tracking are likely the primary reason, you’re looking at a smart thermometer, you’ll want to find one with all the functionality and features you need and the the app to go with it. Almost all devices have temperature alerts and minimum and maximum temperature limits, letting you can keep track of how close the meat is to being done and how hot it gets inside the grill.

Most thermometer apps will also let you create logs and graphs of your cooking sessions, letting you see what went right and wrong with every smoke, so you can improve for the next time you attempt the perfect smoked brisket. Most have the functionality to export these graphs and logs, while others let you share these online with your friends. Not all, however, will let you control the heat directly from your phone.

Some thermometers can now even be controlled via Amazon Echo, so you can you check your temperatures with voice control, asking Alexa how things are doing. Now that’s some real ease and convenience.

The Build, Design and Durability

When looking into Wifi thermometers, first look at the construction material and design, and how durable it is. Heavy-duty thermometers and controllers are usually made of metal, while others feature a durable plastic body or rubber casing on the outside.

You may also want to consider the shape and size of the device itself; some larger thermometers are large and box-shaped, allowing you to stand them up on your grill’s table. Or they can be attached or bolted to the side. Others will be small enough to fit in your hand, so you can set them down anywhere.

Look at how the interface is designed. Is it user friendly? Is there a screen for monitoring the temperature, or can you do so only through the app? Quick and easy setup can make a huge difference when setting up your smoke, as opposed to a clunky and difficult one. You want to be able to change any settings with the push of a button.

 Also, pay attention to long the probe cords are. Most probes will come with 4-foot or 6-foot long wires, which give them good length and flexibility. The longer the better, especially if you have a large smoker. You don’t want to be fighting for cord length.
The Probes

Each temperature probe can monitor one piece of meat, or the temperature inside the smoker or grill. Extra-large pieces of meat might even require more than one probe inside. While some models can connect to 4 to 6 probes at a time, most only have one or two. You may also have to purchase additional probes to suit your own needs. You should be able to see the temperature of each probe independently on the app.

The Accuracy

As mentioned above, accurate readings are very important. Most WiFi smoking thermometers will be accurate within .07 to 1 degree of the actual temperature. Ones that can control the heat may be accurate up to 1-3 degrees. If you aren’t sure how accurate a thermometer is, read some reviews to see what others say.


Do you want to be able to control the temperature of the smoker, or is just monitoring it fine?

Keeping your grill or smoker at a slow-and-steady 225°F is ideal for smoking, and allows for the juiciest, most tender and delicious barbecue, as the fat and collagen slowly melt and break down. Some thermometers make maintaining this temperature easy, using built-in or integrated fan blowers to get the heat to within 1-3 degrees of target temperature.

  • Joseph says:

    Out of all of these models, which ones can export temperature data to a csv format to allow graphing in Microsoft Excel, for example?

    • Top Geek says:

      Great question Joseph, this is one of the best features of all these devices: they all export to csv. While the data is pretty raw it gives you everything you need to create your own graphs and tracking logs.
      flame boss data export

      Sample excel sheet from flame boss raw data export

  • joe says:

    Slight Error in your fireboard, it does infact have the ability to control a fan as well. And not only the fireboard fan but several other fan models.

    • Top Geek says:

      Thanks for the feedback Joe. When we first drafted the article we missed the temp control attachment. We have since spoke with Fireboard to obtain all the specs and details which are now reflected in our review.

  • Larry Anderson says:

    I own a tappecue and have been trying to get their off line update installed. Can you send it in for this or is it going to become a eBay item? Version 3.0

  • Anonymous says:

    Fireboard is NOT WIFI in itself. It’s a BLE only device. The “wifi” comes from the fact that the app on your phone talks to their servers by wifi.

    Would be nice to note which units have antonomous wifi and will function without internet/cloud connectivity.

    • John Daniel says:

      This is incorrect. The Fireboard has an 802.11a/b/g/n radio and supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 protocols. You do not need a phone for this to work. If the WiFi drops out the unit can use Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device and sync with the cloud but isn’t required.

  • LB says:

    Thanks for the reviews. Just a note, the Thermoworks ThermaQ is accurate to +- 0.7 degrees F, not 0.07. Without units, the number is meaningless, and it is off by an order of magnitude.

  • Nikki says:

    Will all (or any) of these devices function on a WiFi network that doesn’t have internet? We do not have an internet connection at our home. So, is it possible to connect these devices to an internal/home network and then connect a smartphone to that same network to monitor grill temps through the app? I know the same can essentially be provided by Bluetooth, but I’m looking for something with a better range and that will work better through walls, so that I can monitor grill temps if the phone is inside the house.

  • Erik says:

    You should amend your review. the Signals unit can in fact control pit temperature with a fan blower.

    • TopGeek says:

      Thanks for the feedback; article will be updated by EOD to indicate that Signals is capable of controlling pit temp with their new Billows device.

      We are currently testing the Billows unit and will be updating our articles per findings in the next few weeks.

  • Mark G says:

    I’d like to see a review and long term test of the various probes. My Thermoworks Smoke is a great thermometer, but I’ve had to replace at least 3 of the probes over the past year. I find that the probe that came with my grill (Blaz’n Grid Iron) and a cheapo grocery store probe have been more reliable. I’m looking at the Fireboard now since they hopefully are better probes.

  • Rick says:

    Just wanna let you know that a USB-C cable is only as fast as the wall adapter on the other end of it. IF the Thermoworks Signals device is set up to charge with a higher voltage, you will need a high voltage adapter to make it happen. 12 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to charge that device!

  • >