Why bone-in meat is better.

Sure, there are great cuts without bones that taste great but there's something about bone-in.

Bone-in steaks are #MeatGeek’s best friend.


Because they are a product of good steak. Bones make a steak, chops, chicken or ribs juicier. When working with pork chops, bone-in is the only way to go; unless you prefer your meat more on the dry side; but we know you don’t.

How it works

The key part of a bone is made of calcium phosphate, that and connective tissue. Calcium phosphate is a mysterious rigid compound full of organic matter.  Connective tissue is mostly collagen. If there’s one thing we know about collagen, it's that it has gelatin; there’s no better way to keep meat moist while grilling.


Another good benefit of bone-in is that it doesn’t hold heat very well, therefore the meat closest to the bone will be cooked less. This leaves you with a cut that remains nice and juicy and as you get closer to the bone you will notice your meal just getting better and better (unless were talking about an under-cooked piece of chicken).


juciy meat bone flavor

Bones are found surrounded by fat. Yup, bone-in benefits just keep getting better. Rib eye steaks are great because of their tenderness and swirls of fat that penetrate throughout the cut. Fat is another reason why we are so apt to grill our bone-in meats. Smoke is made of elements that are fat-soluble, meaning the more fat the smokier your meat will be.

Moreover, (it just keeps getting better) imagine a grill that automatically added a baste to your meat at just the right times. Well, that’s exactly what fat does.

#MeatGeek Take

Bones literally add flavor to your meat. As the bone heats the marrow (which is rich in fats and other great flavors) its juices penetrate the bone and immerse into your meat; making for a nice, tasty and juicy piece of meat.