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smoking salmon easy

Smoking Salmon Made Easy(ish)

Smoking salmon takes time but it's worth it Want to add a little spice to your holiday feast or just craving that rare delicious flavor of smoked salmon? Well, we understand that, us Geeks have …
best tailgating gear and accessories

#MeatGeek Tailgating Gear

10 Tailgating Grilling Accessories You Need Tailgating gear all #MeatGeeks should own to make every tailgate party a sure fire win. We've reviewed the most important tailgating cooking accessories to provide our top pick in each category.  …
grilling hacks

4 Grilling Hacks to Impress

A Few Grilling hacks to try this Weekend From making a great grilled sandwich to a juicy burger. Clean up Has it been awhile since you cleaned the grate on your grill, use this cleaning …