Smoking your favorite steak – reverse sear method

smoking a steak is a quick way to enjoy a great piece of meat

So, you want to know if you’re allowed to smoke that Porterhouse steak (or anything other steak)? The answer is yes!

smoking a steak reverse sear method

The best part is that you can go light on the seasonings and allow the pure wood flavor infuse your steak with glorious flavors.

The reverse sear is all about a mixture of low and high temperatures. The low temperatures allows your steak to soak up the smoke without cooking it too much, and the high, well, that gives you that wonderful crusty outside

Performing the reverse sear

Move all your coals (or whatever is producing your heat) to one side of your grill. Add small wood chunk(s).

Place your meat on the side of grill without the coals and adjust your vents for smoking (close the lower vents to prevent the wood chunk(s) from catching fire – this produces more smoke).

The internal temperature of the grill should be around 350 degrees for ideal smoking.

Right before your steak reaches your preferred internal temperature, move it to the hot side for about 30 seconds on each side.

Now that you can Reverse Sear, Let’s Get Back to that Porterhouse – Geek Style!

Smoking A Porterhouse Steak - Meat Geeks Style

Estimated time: 40 minutes with about 15 minutes of preparation

Start with your juicy cut of Porterhouse steaks (I'm talking about 20 oz. and 1 inch thick. While a smaller and thinner cut would do, that just wouldn’t be Geek Style). You will also want to use a strong wood as you won't be smoking the steak longer than 30 - 45 minutes. I like to use Jack Daniels Wood Chips



You’ll also need a few simple ingredients, only enough to complement the smoky flavors.

Melted Butter: 5 tablespoons

Mustard: Dijon if you have it, 3 teaspoons

Worcester Sauce: 3 tablespoons

Dry Rub: a light coat of your favorite rib dry rub; or, just salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients, then brush a third of it on your splendid Porterhouse (I’m hungry!), reserve the remaining butter mixture.



As outlined above, place your steak on the cold side of the grill. Leave smoking until your steak is about 80% done. 

Before you move it to the hot side of the grill, brush it once again with another third of the butter mixture.

You only leave in on the hot side of the grill about 30 seconds per side. Right before you transfer your steak to a plate give it one last brush of rest of the butter mixture for good measure.

Now, just let your steak rest for a few minutes and you’re in business.