Smoking Wood : Tips for Smoking with Cherry

Smoking with cherry wood and which meats pair best.

The art of smoking meat is truly dependent on the wood you use. At Smoking #MeatGeeks we love to smoke with cherry wood.
UPDATED 3/5/19

smoking with cherry wood

Cherry wood is a team player. It goes well with any kind of meat. It's no wonder why George chopped it down.  If you are unsure of which wood to choose for your next job, go with cherry – you can’t go wrong. Unlike heavy woods such as oak, which is only good with meats such as beef, cherry is versatile; it can be used with all meats, from beef and pork to fish and chicken.

Is Smoking with Cherry Wood Harmful?

Smoking aficionados have used cherry wood to smoke for years, but if you’re new to the art of smoking you may have hesitations. We know there is a fear running amok about arsenic in cherry wood.

Rest assured if the wood has not been treated or altered from the tree to your grill, it's safe to use.

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Restaurants and thousands of smoking aficionados have been using cherry wood for ages; it's safe. Just in case you need further convincing, let's talk science for a minute.

First of all, cherry wood does not contain arsenic, it contains a chemical called hydrogen cyanide.We know that doesn’t make you feel any better, but hear me out.

The compounds have to burn at a rapid rate for them to have a negative effect.

Chemistry of Cherries

Smoking doesn’t set the wood on fire, instead, it allows the wood to smolder. Therefore, the cyanogenic compounds do not develop into harmful chemicals. In addition, when used in small amounts hydrogen cyanide is not harmful. For example, apple seeds contain the same chemical compound, but eating them won’t have any negative effects.

When to Use Cherry for Smoking

You may not believe us when we say, cherry wood is great for smoking any type of meat, but it's true. We love to use it on pork and beef, to change things up, occasionally we will mix it with oak. The flavor cherry wood produces is light and sweet. It is delicate and not overpowering. This makes cherry a good wood mix with others such as apple, oak or hickory. We also use cherry wood for barbecuing chicken. We love the dark color of our bird when it’s smoked with cherry and the light sweet flavor is unbeatable.


Cherry Wood Chunks

Western is our value pick when it comes to this fruit wood. 


Beware, cherry wood smoke will create a dark skin on light colored meats, such as chicken. You may find the darkened skin not visually appealing, but rest assured the flavor will be delicious. If you want the flavor of cherry wood but not the color you can mix it with apple wood to help diminish the darkening effect. On darker meats, cherry smoke produces a dark mahogany that looks simple mouth watering.


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