Smoked Salmon Chowder Recipe

A Smoked Salmon Chowder Perfect for Fall

smoked salmon

We’re barreling straight into fall around here in many ways but especially with this recipe for cozy, comfy chowder. It’s somehow not fall to me until we have chowder of some kind.  Fish chowder has to be most likely my favorite. I think it purely has to do the fact that when I was a child, fish was always more readily available to us. For many reasons this was so, but primarily clams were a bit more difficult to get our hands on, we always eschewed canned clams and ultimately for Scandinavians fish soups tend to be more common anyway.

Bergen Fish Soup is one of my favorites, rich with cod, halibut, salmon and sometimes fishcakes. Little known outside of Norway, it really has a depth of flavor that is unmatched in most chowders and is really in my opinion what all chowder aspires to be.

I promise to make a version of it here on the blog this fall, along with a tutorial on making fishcakes (fish dumplings), but until then this smoked salmon chowder will have to do.

salmon for chowder

I have a freezer full of Coho salmon, thanks to a very fruitful fishing trip to Alaska that we took last month,  so I’ll be working through it throughout the year and hope to share many more recipes with you in the near future. I love that this recipe uses both smoked and poached salmon, it adds layers of complexity that complement a healthy handful of  toppings including bacon, dill and a generous splash of sherry.

Somewhere, I don’t remember where exactly, someone suggested I pour a little sherry on the top of my chowder. Then they put a large knob of butter on top of it all and I died. That first bite was heavenly.. The only thing wanting at this point is a big hunk of crusty warm bread.

This recipe is my latest installment for the Issaquah Press so be sure to head on over and check it out.

Happy Fall friends! Are you ready for cooler temps and cozy nights? I couldn’t be more so….