Smoking meat hack to smoke meat on your stovetop without a smoker.

Creating a smoker using a pot, steamer lid, and tin foil.

Love that delicious deep flavor of smoked meat but lack a smoker? Live in an apartment and wish you had a house so you could own a smoker the size of your backyard?

Don’t worry you can duplicate the flavor of a great tasting smoked meat by making your own smoker at home (or apartment) with this cooking hack. And in my opinion, this method tastes better than using a gas grill to smoke meat.

DIY: Smoke meat using your stove

Recently, one of our Facebook fans asked me how he could achieve a tasty smoked meat without the use of a smoker (he lives in an apartment where the use of an outdoor smoker is not an option).

There are a couple of different ways to make a smoker at home but one of the easiest involves just a large pot, some aluminum foil and a steamer. Don’t have one of these either? No problem.

diy smoker home


smoking meat in potLine the bottom of a large pot with aluminum foil and place a handful of wood chips on top. Be careful not to use too much.

Next, place another layer of aluminum foil on top of the chips, just enough to make sure the drippings from your meat don’t land on the wood.


smoking with pot stoveSet a steamer basket on top of the foil, if you don’t have one, don’t worry. Just grab and aluminum pie pan and poke a bunch of holes in it, 15 would be about right. Now you have a steamer basket, put in the pot on top of the foil.

STEP 3smoking chicken on stove

You're now ready to put the meat in, arrange it in the basket so as much surface area is exposed as possible.

STEP 4cover pot with foil


Finally, cover the pot with aluminum foil before placing the lid on it. This will help keep the smoke in, otherwise the smoke will find a way to escape.

Your smoker is ready to go!

Place it on the stove top and set the burner on med-high for a few minutes to get the chips smoking, then reduce the burner to low while the meat cooks.smoking chicken in pot

For larger cuts of meat, let it smoke for the first hour or two in the pot, then move it into the oven to finish it off; most of the smoke that will be absorbed by the meat will be during the first hour or two.


How to turn your stovetop into a smoker

Video and photos by SAVEUR magazine's Executive Editor, Dana Bowen