Grilling with Cast Iron on a Friday Night

We've planned a great Friday night using cast-iron and a grill.

Here's what you'll need: 

  • Friends and family
  • Forget about work
  • Your favorite drink
  • And of course, a grill and some cast iron

Next, get ready to impress. 

Here's the line-up for the night

breuchetta on the grill with cast iron

Cast Iron Grilled Tomatoes for Bruschetta

grilled cast iron potatoes

Cast Iron Grilled Rosemary Potatoes

lemon pork chops grilled cast iron

Cast Iron Grilled Lemon Pork Chops

french grilled cast iron dessert

Cast Iron Grilled Apricot French Style Puffs

Game Plan


Figure about an hour or two before you’re ready to do dinner, throw on the bruschetta. This will set the tone for a great night of grilled foods. Serve the bruschetta outside near the grill for a little socializing.


After you have finished snacking on the heavenly bruschetta, on to cooking up those potatoes.  Once they are done toss them in the oven to keep them toasty.

Throw on the pork chops and get a salad rolling.


Dessert time baby!

Let's Get Cookin'

All recipes have been developed to serve six.

Cast iron grilled tomato bruschetta

When you use a cast iron skillet you can expect the tomatoes to caramelize. Using a just the grill you lose the sweet juices that cook around the tomatoes. Not to mention, they have tendency to stick to grill grates.

Recommended: 10" or 12" Skillet

While you could use any cast iron skillet or griddle, we recommend a skillet.

sweet grilled brushetta 2015

Cast iron grilled potatoes with rosemary

The skillet you used earlier for the bruschetta will be perfect here. It will keep all the potatoes together to leave you with a nice potato cake. This works well with the cast iron as the heat will radiate evenly through the skillet, giving the potatoes a nice brown sear on the bottom and sides.

Avoid the #MeatGeek Fail by keeping an eye on the heat; over 400 degrees will cause the top potato flakes to turn into potato chips.

Recommended: 10" or 12" Skillet

While you could use any cast iron skillet or griddle, we recommend a skillet.

grilled cast iron potatoes
Sunset 2011

Cast iron grilled pork chops with Lemon

Using the large flat cast iron griddle gives you a nice big surface to cook several chops at a time, all with a nice even char.

The pre-grilling brine makes these chops juicy and full of flavor. Add in the lemon and thyme you get a fresh, earthy tasting chop that pairs well with some tasty potatoes.

Recommended: Cast Iron Griddle 20" x 10"

Any size griddle will due, the more real-estate you have to work with the better.

recipe cast iron grilled pork chops

Cast iron grilled dessert: French apricot puff

Combining apricots, brown sugar, and a cast iron skillet, you’ll have gooey goodness in no time. Using the muffin pan to give them that traditional French puff feel.

Avoid the #MeatGeek Fail by keeping a close watch on the puffs as they’re cooking. You may need to rotate the pan if you have some random hot spots. You can always fix burnt puffs by cutting off the burnt spot – they’ll never know.

Recommended: 12" cast iron skillet + metal muffin pan

The skillet you used for the bruschetta and potatoes will work here again. You will also want to use a 6 or 12 cup muffin pan.

french grilled cast iron dessert

Tips for Using a Charcoal Grill

Since charcoal isn’t as autopilot as gas, we’ve put together a few recommendations:

  1. You will want to keep an eye on the heat so a temperature gauge is in order.
  2. With your first set of coals cook up your bruschetta.
  3. Once that’s done, move onto the potatoes by adding a dozen new coals. Then about part way through, throw on another dozen.
  4. When it comes time for the chops, add a new set of coals (30 or so) then add the meat.
  5. When it comes time for the feast, throw on another set of coals, by the time you’re ready for dessert, your coals will be too.

Bon Appetit!