Grilling Accessories Under $100 and Gift Ideas

Gadgets and Accessories to Pimp Your Grilling Experiance

Once the time has come to “put away childish things”, we move into a world of bigger toys: boats, motorcycles, off road vehicles etc. So, where does grilling fall into all of this?

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Grilling combines fire and food; who could go wrong with this combination of awesomeness? Men and women alike can appreciate these simple pursuits.

As with any grown-up toy, grilling comes with its share of accessories. 

There is no end to the grilling accessories available to improve your cooking experience: from cook time, to practical methods of monitoring temperature and other small hacks which make grilling simple – the art of grilling is now for everyone.

As you have landed here, I assume you’re looking for a great Father’s Day gift, a gift for him, a few ways to make every-day grilling more simplistic – or, you just like shopping to accessorize your toys.

Our 5 favorite grilling accessories and hacks under $100

iGrill Meat and Cooking Thermometer

The latest in thermometer technology. Bluetooth thermometer talks to your smart phone to be sure you never overcook your food. Like other food thermometers, you can leave the probe in the grill or oven to receive real-time temperature readings.  Never miss a second of the game or go MIA at your next family gathering because you’re stuck outside manning the grill. You’ll receive updates, notifications and alerts throughout the cooking progression – if your grill flames up unexpectedly, you’ll know about it. iGrill 2 is equipped to be more compatible with your smart devices than the previous iGrill model. Guaranteed to work with: iPhone 4s, 5s and 6s, also works with iPod Touches, iPad and iPad Mini as well as many other Bluetooth and Android devices.

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Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill 

The Notebook Grill is properly named for its ability to close up and carried around with ease. While the grill is fairly small, it offers a way for you’re to grill and enjoy the outdoors in situations where you may not have been able to otherwise. Throwing a full size grill in the back of truck isn’t always an option, with the Fire Sense grill you can keep it behind the seat of your truck or in your trunk to enjoy a BBQ wherever you may be. It comes with a sleek carrying case, stands 15 inches off the ground, and then folds to a thin 1 inch. The best part about this grill is the price!

grill gradget
folding grill

Flameless Smoker Gadget for Gas Grills 

This one makes our must have list for people who refuse to go gasless. It will allow you to uses your gas powered grill to obtain a true smoked meat flavor. I feel it’s a tragedy to miss out on a great tasting piece of smoked meat just because you may not own a charcoal grill.

Sure, you could buy wood pellets for the gas grill, but this gadget lets you use any wood type of chips available on the market. Since it’s made of 20-gauge steel, you can even throw it over a bed of coals.

Electric Torch Grilling Firestarter

One of the most tedious tasks when working with a charcoal or wood fire is starting it (next to maintaining temperature).  This lighter works as a blowtorch would, but also includes a convenient stream of air. The torch burns at about 1,000+ degrees, starting a fire in no-time. The manufacture boasts fires in 15 seconds, but I have found it takes closer to 30 seconds. Either way, it’s fast, and easy.  

Considering the cost of lighter fluid this torch should earn its keep as part of your BBQ arsenal.

Squid Baster Grill Buddy

Can you say LIFESAVER! Such a simple concept that can save on time and make grilling so much easier. Before the googly eyed squid buddy we had to use a bowl and brush…constantly worried about spilling the mixture, or worst, the brush sitting inside the bowl flips out, flinging contaminated juices everywhere.

The bottle stands up on its own and conveniently waits for you on your grill’s island. Additionally, it makes basting the meat quicker than the traditional bowl-brush method. The brush is made out of a silicone so it is flexible and gets in all the nooks and crannies just as you would expect from a basting brush.

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