Grilled Citrus and Chicken Kabobs

Kabbos with Grilled Lemon and Orange

chicken skewers

I’m in love with just about any food on a stick. Caramel apples, corn dogs, satay, toasted marshmallows, chocolate dipped fruit, popsicles, pie etc. etc. and the list goes on and on and it’s all awesome. There’s just something cute, homey and intriguing about food in this portable, individualized form. It just follows that meat and vegetables on a stick is equally as wonderful. This dish takes things to the next level with grilled citrus.

Grilling season has finally arrived and this year I vow to make more kebabs/skewers than I have in years past. Pretty, perfectly proportioned and endless on the option front, what’s not to love?grilled lemon skewers

I thought that in order to jazz up these chicken skewers I needed to add some citrus to go along with the ribbons of zucchini and carrots so I added equal parts lemons and the very last of the blood oranges I could find in the store. There is something about grilled/charred citrus that just lends instant complexity and flavor to everything it becomes a part of. That smoky, sour, slightly sweet combination makes my heart go pitter patter.

I’m so enamored with the whole grilled/charred citrus thing I’m waiting with baited breath to try this gorgeous Sangria recipe. In fact I think next time I make these skewers I’ll have to serve up a pitcher to go alongside it.full plate of kabobs

My husband admittedly does not like to grill chicken or any meat really on a skewer that sits alongside vegetables. You know he’s a bit wary of the whole cross contamination thing, but the reality is that there is nothing to worry about cooking this way, provided you cook everything thoroughly. Not only are skewers easy to prepare and grill, they are almost a complete meal in and of themselves.

I can make up a batch in the morning, let it marinate the day away, then hand them off  to the grilling master when he gets home. Definitely perfect for lazy summer evening dining.

Article by: Maria Nelson