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smoking salmon for soup

Smoked Salmon Chowder Recipe

A Smoked Salmon Chowder Perfect for Fall We’re barreling straight into fall around here in many ways but especially with this recipe for cozy, comfy chowder. It’s somehow not fall to me until we have …
crackers and prosciutto

Finn Crisp Open Faced Snackers

The Versatile Snack — Open Faced Finn Crisp Ideas When you grow up in a Scandinavian home one of the things you learn to love early in life is an open faced sandwich. From simple …
chicken skewers

Grilled Citrus and Chicken Kabobs

Kabbos with Grilled Lemon and Orange I’m in love with just about any food on a stick. Caramel apples, corn dogs, satay, toasted marshmallows, chocolate dipped fruit, popsicles, pie etc. etc. and the list goes …