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How to Clean an Electric Smoker

Time to maintain the device that delivers manna from heaven in the form of smoked foods to enjoy! Mundane, perhaps, boring, but absolutely necessary for continued operation; it is time to clean that electric smoker. …
HYBRID COOKING with sous vide and grill

Sous Vide Cooking & Grilling

Using a Sous Vide cooker in combination with your grill is a great way to yield the perfect steak, pork chops, ribs and more. In this article we provide the recipes to and details to …
how to smoke prime rib

Smoking a Prime Rib

As meat geeks, we are always looking for the best representation of our avocation. Sometimes that is a so-so cut of meat elevated to a sublime meal. Other times it is taking the best available …
is meat with bone better?

Is bone-in meat is better?

The problem with the question, “Is Bone-In Meat Better?” Talk about a topic that is talked about, and likely never to be resolved; this may be one of those.  Step one, what does better mean? …