4 Grilling Hacks to Impress

A Few Grilling hacks to try this Weekend

From making a great grilled sandwich to a juicy burger.

Clean up

grill cleaningHas it been awhile since you cleaned the grate on your grill, use this cleaning hack to get it sparkling so you can get back to grilling.

  • Heat up your grill, and spray white vinegar on the grate. This will help dissolve those big burnt crusts that have attached to the grill.
  • Then cut an onion in half and scrub away, the grate will be clean in no time.

If you don’t have an onion, some wadded up aluminum foil will also do the trick. Don’t let that old burnt grease keep you from grilling.

Grill Press

grilling hackExpand the usefulness of your grill by turning it into a grill press. Snatch a nearby brick, maybe that loose one from your lawn. Once you have it in hand, wrap it in aluminum, so you don’t have to clean it.

Place the wrapped brick in the coals for 5-10 minutes while the brick soaks up the heat. When it's ready, place it on top of your sandwich. Let it cook for another 5-10 minutes and you’ve got the best grill pressed sandwich. Try this hack with meatball subs or cubanos.

Make use of the coals

coals grillingIf you're grilling a feast and find you are running out of room on the rack, make use of the coals. Some items can handle the heat of being placed directly in the coals.

Wrap up your corn, potatoes or onions, in aluminum foil and nestle them directly in the white hot coals. They’ll roast perfectly.

Remember to use the coals, also, when grilling sliced vegetables and even some fish. Often veggies stick to the grate or maybe they’ll fall through the grate. Instead of placing them on the grill, put them in your cast iron skillet and place it in the coals. Cast iron skillets distribute heat evenly through the pan and will not be damaged by being placed in the coals. 

Burger Hacks

burger hacks grilledThe key to a great patty is to keep it simple. It’s not a meatloaf, it's a hamburger, keep chunky onions and other veggies out of it. But whatever you do, don’t forget the salt and pepper. These are absolute musts for a delicious burger.

When seasoning your burger, don’t add the salt until you have formed the patties. If added too early, the salt can react with the meat making your patty spongy. 

Now that you have the right ingredients try this hack to keep it juicy.

Create an indention on the top of your patty, this indent will collect a lot of the escaping juices and redistribute them to the meat. This also helps to avoid the center from swelling up.

But go one step further: add an ice cube or, for more flavor, a chunk of butter, to that indent. All will help keep your patties from drying out and bring you one step closer to the perfect grilled burger.

What are some of your favorite grilling hacks? Let us know below.