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Before you get started understand the basics of what makes BBQ so great to how the smoking process works from cook-times, temperature, to producing quality smoke.

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This is the practical application of yielding great tasting BBQ. Through this step-by-step process we'll take you through your BBQ session from beginning to end. 



We'll cover the various styles of smokers and provide you a detailed explanation of pros and cons for each - when it comes time to buy your next smoker, you'll be ready. 

PIZZA IS A WONDERFUL THING. UNFORTUNATELY, HOMEMADE PIZZA IN YOUR OVEN ISN’T A GAME-CHANGER.The Homemade Pizza ProblemWe Americans love our pizza. In this day and age of DYI and knowing your ingredients we have great reasons to learn the best ways to get a quality pie at home any time we want. To do the best job making pizza at home we have

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A Complete Guide to Smoking a Pork Butt (Shoulder) – From science, cook times, internal temperatures, methodologies, and our favorite pork rub and sauce recipes. Table of Contents Part I - SCIENCE Part II - PREPARATION Part III - SMOKING Part VI - RECIPES Part V - SERVING Smoking a pork butt to make delicious pulled pork is a Southern delicacy, one enjoyed

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We look at scallops and see those tasty tender nuggets of flavor and they look like they should be an ideal food for grilling. After all, they are fairly symmetrical and pretty evenly sized when you buy them. If you have been served them after a proper searing or grilling you know how good they can be. While it may seem like it,

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Bring the Life to the Party It’s the gathering season. Whether it’s a football game, holiday party or just a gang of friends, there are all kinds of excuses to make some smoking hot food that people are sure to love. There are a ton of ways to skin this cat and end up with jalapeno poppers that are awesome. Being as how

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Eh, so maybe we take our BBQ a little too seriously. We dedicate time to testing and experimenting with products, recipes, and methodologies related to outdoor cooking, grilling and smoking -- all so you don't have to. We bring you a wide range of product recommendations from smokers, grills, bbq accessories, to detailed tutorials on how to yield the best bbq, from pork butt to brisket and everything in-between. If you love BBQ geekdom as much as we do, follow us.

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We take a look at some of the most affordable smokers to find value you can count on. These are the smokers we like best for the money.

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Weber Spirit II E-310

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We tested 6 of the top selling gas grills under $600 to find out how they stacked up against each other. These are the results and what you need to know before purchasing a a gas grill.

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When it comes to great BBQ reaching and maintaining the ideal temperature is a must. We've spent endless hours testing over 50 various thermometers to revel our favorites in each category; from instant read thermometers to Wi-Fi smart thermometers, wireless leave-in probe thermometers, to Bluetooth based thermometers.