Sure, We're a Little Dorky About Our BBQ

Known as geeks of the BBQ world we have collaborated over 10 years of research, recipes, how-tos, and product reviews to archive all this delicious goodness in one place. Our love for BBQ can seem somewhat geeky at first take, but it’s nothing more than enjoying the art of outdoor cooking and the community that only BBQ can bring. If you enjoy experimenting with cooking methods to see what the final result will be, you’re likely a MeatGeek.

We spend endless hours putting together our cooking experiences to bring you tested methods of smoking meat and grilling that are sure to impress. We recommend you start by reading our popular guide to smoking meat by clicking here; once you’re done with our Geek School, jump over and see the list of grilling toys we recommend. Don’t forget to pick up a thermometer especially designed for all your outdoor cooking needs. Beyond that, feel free to try out our various methods for smoking meat like pork butts, brisket, ribs, and more. We encourage you to comment at the bottom of each of our articles to share your experiences, this helps us to evolve our site into a central location for all things outdoor cooking. Happy cooking MeatGeeks!